World Thrombosis Day

On World Thrombosis Day, October 13, 2021, Emosis is proud to be a "messenger" of the "Eyes open to Thrombosis" information campaign.

Eyes open to Thrombosis

WTD is an educational campaign to raise awareness and educate the public to the importance of reducing death and disability from thrombosis. It is a global alliance of thousands of local, regional, national and international organizations and advocates. Through events such as conferences, scientific meetings, employer presentations, social media so on, WTD brings this life or death issues forwarded the public - people of any age or nationalities - and health care professionals.

  • Highlighting the need for action
  • Increasing global awareness
  • Empowering people to seek immediate medical attention
  • Advocating for "systems of care" to prevent, diagnose and treat patients appropriately

Founded in 2014 by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), the WTD is led by a global scientific steering committee. While there are more than 175 organizations from around the world have participated in the first edition. Today, more than 2,500 campaign partners in 100 countries participate in WTD. Through media leverage WTD has helped to increase the visibility of the disease across the globe.

A key date

October 13th was chosen for World Thrombosis Day because it’s the date-of-birth of Rudolf Virchow born in 1821. He was a German physician who pioneered in the pathophysiology of thrombosis. He even defined the original concept of "thrombosis" and notably advanced our understanding of this disorder.

Thrombosis keys facts

Thrombosis is the formation of potentially life-threatening blood clots in arteries (arterial thrombosis) or veins (venous thrombosis). The severity of thrombosis comes from the obstruction of the blood flow in organs. Thrombosis is the often preventable disorder that underlies pathology the three major cardiovascular killers : heart attack, thromboembolic stroke, and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

A logo with a funny story

It is interesting to note that WTD logo was designed by a patient. In fact, when WTD was created, Angchaisuksiri, a member of the WTD steering committee from Thailand, invited his patient Ekawat Suwantaroj to create a symbol for the first campaign. Thus, the artery is represented in red, the vein in blue and the clot with a white circle. This design is now used all over the world !

WTD is an award-winning campaign
  • Association of Association Executives Best Social Media Campaign (2017)
  • A Gold Power of An Award (2016)
  • Gold Circle Award for Overall Excellence (2015) of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • And many others...

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