Right now, discover the new Emosis YouTube channel

On this channel, may watch a recent interview of Frédéric Allemand and Jean Amiral, guests from Ecosystem, B Smart TV channel’s program dedicated to entrepreneurship. Frederic and Jean will answer questions from Thomas Hugues (a renowned French TV anchor) about blood tests developed by Emosis to address pressing medical needs of patients suffering from cardioneurovascular diseases The interview also investigates the motivation of a renowned scientist-entrepreneur to support Emosis venture, and provide company’s update, especially about how Emosis innovation is relevant for managing some complications of COVID-19.

The two previous interviews of Frédéric Allemand broadcasted by B-Smart are also on display in Emosis YouTube channel, with a focus on the founding of the company and on the development of Emosis innovative in vitro diagnostic solutions.

More to come! Including explainer videos and tutorials. We are pleased to invite you to subscribe!

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